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Terms & Conditions

When you send the form, the user accepts the terms and conditions that regulate the use of the website, keeping to current regulations, we inform you below of the terms and conditions of this website.


Below we proceed to detail some terms that could give rise to confusion:

Owner and administrator of this website as established in the Legal Notice.

Transport operator or collaborator.

It’s a company or natural person with VT or VTC authorization of public passenger service in transport tourism that is dedicated to the transfer of people from one point to another.

Request form

Your request for a transfer service.


It’s a set of personal information that you provide and that are necessary to provide the service.

Communication and confirmation

An email that the user receives and that contains all the essential terms and conditions of the transfer that specifies the payment procedure.


Person who uses a service.


Request form for a pre-booking

Pre booking

Request form made by the user through the form to the transport operator

Meeting point

It will be the address where the transport operator is supposed to wait for passengers.

Destination point

It will be understood that it is the direction in which the driver must take the passengers.

The local date and time of the starting point

They will determine when the transport operator must appear at the agreed place to receive passengers.


We inform the user of this website that doesn’t act as a sales agent for any transport operator or collaborator, it’s limited to informing the user of the offers about the services offered by them.

The owner of only acts as administrator of this website, limiting itself to providing contact between the user and the transport operators or collaborators, in no case you didn’t make any payment and there isn’t any type of contract. The user will pay to the transport operator or collaborator at the end of the service. At no time it will be considered a sale of any kind, nor will it be formalized as such.

By completing the form and submitting it, you will be making an offer to pre-book online to the transport operator or collaborator. The form will ask you to provide and confirm the information, which will then be transmitted to the transport operator or collaborator.

You authorize the transfer of the information provided through the form to the transport operator or collaborator for the correct provision of the service and in order to manage and carry out the pre-booked services.

If you breach of these conditions, we will be liable only for those damages or losses that are a consequence attributable to our breach or our negligence, and a maximum of the total amount of your service.

1. Procedure to pre-booking on-line

The user who makes a pre-booking must be of legal age. The user must fill in and complete the information requested through our web form. Once the conditions and the privacy policy have been completed and accepted, the form will be sent.

After receives your request, we will verify that all the information is correct, transferring the information to the transport operator or collaborator who will make the decision to make a pre-booking under the specified conditions.

Once the pre-booking is received by the transport operator or collaborator, within the next 24 hours from the receipt of the form, you will receive an email indicating:

  • The confirmation of the pre-booking in which you must verify that the personal data and the services are completely correct.
  • Or the cancellation of the pre-booking.

If after 24 hours from the request, the user didn’t receive any confirmation email, before contacting the company, the user should check if it’s in the spam folder of their email.

If there is an error in the information provided, or in the conditions of the service, it will be possible to correct those errors or cancel the service by responding to the email received.

If the address provided and the destination chosen by the user doesn’t match the price of your pre-booking, it will be automatically canceled. Please check your email before you travel.

2. Considerations before of pre-booking


The cost of the services offered on the website will apply to each of the routes booked as long as they are visible and accessible through the website

We reserve the right to modify or change these rates at any time. Price changes will be applicable from the moment they are incorporated into the website

No toll road will be included in the price. The toll road will be an additional service and at the request of the client, paying part of the established price.


The payment will be made at the end of the service, directly to the transport operator in cash (Euro €) or credit or debit card.

The transport operator will accept as a means of payment:

  • Cash Euros (€).
  • Visa and MasterCard Debit Card.
  • Credit Card Visa and MasterCard.

The user agrees that the credit or debit cards used are owned by him and that they have the necessary funds to cover the amount of the service.

Stops and detours during the transfer


During the transfer, the user has the possibility of making a single stop for free, as long as this doesn’t mean deviating from the original route and the maximum duration of this stop is less than 5 minutes. All additional stops will be charged.


Deviation will be considered any cause that for a customer need forces the transport operator to deviate from the original route that originated the reservation. Both the detour and the waiting time it requires will be charged by the transport operator.

Baggage allowed per passenger

The total number of suitcases to be transported is determined by the vehicle chosen by the user. As a general rule, the luggage that each passenger can carry is a suitcase or bag.

It’s possible to bring additional luggage as long as the total number of suitcases doesn’t exceed the maximum passenger capacity of the vehicle that is pre-booked. As an example, you can bring up to 4 suitcases in a vehicle with up to 4 passengers.

Dimensions can’t exceed 145 cm height + width + length and a small handbag that each passenger can put on their lap.

Oversized luggage such as golf bags, bicycles, baby carriages, wheelchairs, musical instruments, etc., will be non-standard luggage, so it will be necessary to choose a vehicle suitable for the characteristics of this luggage taking into account the number of passengers.

The user will be responsible for undeclared luggage, and the cost of needing additional vehicles.

Pet Transportation

If you travel with pets, we can organize transfers at the user’s request and as long as the pet travels in your pets carrier. As a general rule, animals are not allowed, unless you are traveling with a guide dog.

Write us an email from our contact page requesting this type of transfer

Right of admission and behaviors not allowed

The transport operator reserves the right to deny the service to any passenger who, at the discretion of the driver, is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or whose conduct may be considered dangerous for the driver of the vehicle, its occupants or third parties, including himself.

The transport operator reserves the right to deny the service to any person who at the discretion of the driver, may cause damage to the vehicle such as; wet clothing, full of mud or sand and dirt in general.

It isn’t allowed to carry or consume food, alcoholic drinks, or any type of drugs in the vehicles during the trip. It isn’t allowed smoking inside the vehicle or next to it.

We reserve the right not to accept any more bookings from an user who has repeatedly caused a major incident.

The user accepts and authorizes us to charge you in cash or charge your credit or debit card for damages caused to the vehicle (including, for example, a thorough cleaning) or for objects that have disappeared from the vehicle.

In cases where the company or the transport operator is forced to pay a fine to the authorities as a result of the user failing to comply with laws, regulations or other requirements, the user will assume all responsibility and reimburse the company for the corresponding amounts.

3. Considerations after booking


By the user

Any cancellation of a booking must be made by email. The user will respond to the email they received with the confirmation indicating cancellation. The cancellation of the booking is free!

By the transport operator

For reasons beyond our responsibility, we may find ourselves in the need to cancel your booking, without being the transport operator responsible for the expenses or inconvenience generated to the client by this cancellation (flight loss, etc).

If the transport operator is forced to cancel the service, we will inform you as far in advance as possible, and within our possibilities we will make the necessary effort to always find viable alternatives to any confirmed reservation that we must cancel.

We won’t be responsible in cases of force majeure or any other circumstance that is beyond our reach, including extreme weather events, third-party accidents along the transfer itinerary, police controls, extraordinary traffic congestion or strikes, etc.

Changes in the Reserve

Changes by the user

Any change that affects the booking, the user must notify it prior to the date of the provision of the service by responding to the email received with the information of this.

The user will assume the price increase of any change that generates some type of cost increase on the original reservation.

The change will only be considered effective once it is confirmed by the transport operator and the client receives a confirmation email with the new changes.

The first change will be free, for additional and successive changes 12€ will be charged for each change for management expenses.

All communication will be made via email, notifications received less than 48 hours in advance regarding the transfer service will entitle the transport operator or collaborator to cancel the contract without any compensation.

Changes by the Transport operator

The transport operator will always try to respect the user’s preferences regarding the type and range of vehicle chosen, however, we want to remember that the images or photographs on the website are merely illustrative and informative, since the vehicle may vary in Depending on the route, the time of year and the availability, the vehicle may be replaced by one of the same category or higher, or with capacity or multiple vehicles.

If the change of category or size of the vehicle results in a cheaper rate, the price difference will be applied.

Responsibility for the services

The provision of services will be provided by transport operators or collaborators, at no time will be responsible for problems related to the provision of services provided by these companies and collaborators, such as loss or damage of luggage, lack of punctuality, changes in the contracted service and accidents that occur during the service or problems that derive from them or any other damage that the user may suffer.

In these cases, the responsible entity will be exclusively the transport operator or collaborator who provides the service. will provide the user with all the details of said transport operator or collaborator to allow the user to make any claim that is appropriate for each case.

4. Free waiting time

The free period of time during which the transport operator or collaborator waits for passengers at the meeting place will be:

For arrivals:

  • When your flight has arrived at Malaga’s airport and if you are not at the pick-up point within 60 minutes from the arrival of your flight, the transport operator will try to contact you through the mobile phone number that you have provided us.
  • When your train has arrived at the Maria Zambrano station in Malaga and if you if you are not at the pick-up point within 20 minutes of the arrival of your train, the transport operator will try to contact you through the number of mobile phone that you have provided to us.

If this communication isn’t possible because you have not provided us with a valid phone number at the time of booking, due to lack of coverage, having activated the voicemail or not answering the call, the service will not be provided and the transport operator will be exempt from liability or any obligation to provide the service.

Upon arrival at the airport, if your flight arrives early, you may have to wait until the agreed pick-up time.

If your flight is delayed, your driver will be waiting you free!

If your flight is delayed by more than an hour, your driver has to know about the delay, but we cannot guarantee that your driver will be waiting when you arrive.

The Driver will wait up to 60 minutes after your flight arrived. If someone of the group or a client loses the luggage, it suffers damage or is detained in customs, please send a person from the group to meet with the driver to warn him of the incident.

For departures:

From hotels, apartments, villas and other points towards the Airport or Train Station, if you don’t show up at the pick-up point within 15 minutes from the set time, the transport operator will try to contact you at through the mobile phone number that you have provided to us.

If this communication isn’t possible because you have not provided us with a valid phone number at the time of booking, due to lack of coverage, having activated the voicemail or not answering the call, the service will not be provided and the transport operator will be exempt from liability or any obligation to provide the service.

User absent at the meeting point

The main passenger’s mobile phone indicated in the application must be switched on and available for incoming calls during the free waiting time and until the passenger’s meeting with the transport operator, after the free waiting time has elapsed and if the passenger isn’t in the meeting point and it doesn’t respond to the incoming telephone calls, it will be a reason for the service not to be provided and the transport operator is free of its obligation and to provide the service without any type of penalty.

It’s also part of your responsibilities to accurately review the proof of transfer sent to your email and check that all the information received is correct. If some of the information on the voucher is not correct, you should contact immediately for rectification.

Only you are responsible for providing the necessary information, we are not responsible for reservations that are impossible to carry out.


From the user

When you send the reservation form you assume legal responsibilities derived from this agreement. You are aware of the scope of the services that are the subject of this agreement and of the information regarding the website and the content of these General Conditions.

It’s the responsibility of the user to provide correct and complete addresses for the collection points and destination at the time of booking.

When the destination is an airport, train station or other place where the passenger needs to arrive at a certain time, they must calculate the pick-up time and add extra time for possible delays and contingencies. The user will be responsible for possible losses of flights, trains, etc. due to the delay due to causes attributable to this on the set time.

The information offered indicates approximate times and kilometers of the trip under normal conditions. When making your request for transfer to an airport or train station, we recommend pre-booking the transfer well in advance of the flight or train departure time, due to possible delays and contingencies beyond our control and beyond the service, such as traffic flow. , traffic delays typical of the summer or police controls, accidents etc.

From the transport operator

The services will be provided in accordance with the information specified in the transfer receipt sent by the user through the form and accepted by the transport operator via email.

The transport operator will wait for the passengers at the meeting point with a sign with the name of the main passenger, The driver will welcome you and meet the passengers, accompany them to the vehicle and help and accommodate the luggage in the vehicle, leading them to the door of the destination point.


Travel insurance.

It’s advisable to take out travel insurance appropriate to your needs. Adequate travel insurance will protect you against a series of unwanted risks that are beyond your control and ours.

Legislation and Jurisdiction of application.

These General Conditions are not intended to limit or exclude any right that you are a beneficiary of as a consumer or user or that by law cannot be excluded or limited.

If any of the clauses of these general terms and conditions were declared null in whole or in part, that nullity will apply only to that provision or part of it that is null. All other parts of these general terms and conditions will remain in force, regardless of the provision or section affected.

These General Terms and Conditions will be governed by current Spanish legislation. If any of the stipulations contained in these conditions of use is declared illegal, null or declared inapplicable by court decision, the rest of the stipulations will remain in full force and effect.

Our web pages are available in Spanish and English, our language is Spanish, although we pay special attention to the quality of the translation of our websites and the General Conditions and the rest of the conditions that regulate the use of the website www in case of translation error, misinterpretation or discrepancy, the only version that will be considered valid will be the Spanish version.

For any type of claim, the company and the client will submit in accordance with Spanish legislation, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction and submit to the courts and tribunals of the city of Marbella, Malaga, Spain.